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Our bakers get up very early to make a delicious range of traditional breads. Please see below for a few examples, or better still, pop in any time from 7am Monday-Saturday to take in the beautiful aromas of freshly baked artisan bread.

place to buy bread north devon torrington
Loaves of Bread
place to buy bread north devon torrington
Rolls & Sticks

Every day our bakers make a large range of loaves of bread, these are made from flours such as;


  • White

  • 100% Stoneground Wholemeal

  • Malted Wheat

  • Wheatmeal (Brown)


All of the above can be sliced medium or thick, or left as they are to cut your own delicious 'door steps'! 

Crispy, soft, chewy and always freshly made each day. Choose from;


  • Crusty White Rolls

  • Soft White Rolls, Baps & Finger Rolls

  • Wheatmeal Brown Rolls

  • Crusty Malted Wheat Rolls

  • Poppy Seed  large Baps

  • Poppy  Seed Crusty Sticks

  • French Sticks


All are delicious smothered in butter!

place to buy bread north devon torrington
Speciality Breads
place to buy cakes north devon torrington
Morning Goods

Our bakers like to create Speciality Breads on Saturdays, and sometimes during the week if they have time. Varieties often include;

  • Olive

  • Sourdough

  • Red Onion & Mozarella

  • Cheese & Sundried Tomato

  • Spelt

  • Multi-Seed

  • Sultana & Walnut



We have a truly delicious selection of Morning Goods. For example;

  • Our Devonshire Yeast Cake (an old family recipe for a fruit loaf that pairs very well with butter & cheese).

  • Currant Buns

  • Chelsea Buns

  • Tea Cakes

  • Jam Doughnuts

  • Danish Pastries

  • Butter Croissants

  • Pain au Chocolat

  • Belgian Buns


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